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Tired Of Going To A Dentist Office Where You Don't Feel Like Family?

Dentistry Made Easy at State of the Art Office!!!!

Looking for an office that will cater to your individual and specific needs?

If you have had a consultation somewhere else, had the same old dentist for years, or are new to our area, then you owe it to yourself to give us a try!

Do you believe it is impossible to have a good time at the dentist?  

Brighton Family Dentistry is perfect for you if:

  • You would like to schedule appointments for the entire family at once
  • You have had a recent bad experience somewhere else
  • You would like a no pressure, free, second opinion
  • You are new to the area
  • You are interested in having dentistry done with state of the art techniques and materials
  • You are interested in an office that utilizes new technology to decrease appointment times, number of visits, and costs
  • You are interested in an office that puts YOUR needs first

Brighton Family Dentistry FAQ:

Q: What is your location:

A:  We are at 2114 Fort Union Blvd.  Almost at the corner of Fort Union and Highland Drive, 2 exits off of I-215

Q: Why should I be interested in a state of the art office:

A:  current technology and techniques are designed, upon years of research, to decrease appointment lengths, visits, costs, and fears.

Q:  Will advanced techniques and technology cost more:

A:  No.  Insurance companies have predetermined limits that allow a patient to pay the same amount for procedures at all of the offices listed.  Also, advanced technology often costs less due to decreases in treatment time and frequency.

Q:  What if I am scared of the dentist?

A:  No worries.  We have sedation options available that we can fine tune to every patient's needs.

2114 Fort Union Blvd.
Salt Lake City UT 84121

Telephone: (801) 943-2020
Fax: (801) 943-3394
Email:[email protected]

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    Dr. Carroll is an awesome dentist! He's on the cutting edge of technology and updates his skills constantly. His staff is friendly and helpful. Even though I moved to another county, I still am Dr. Carroll's patient! B.F


    From a father: "Thank you so much for helping XXXXX. She described you as a very kind and compassionate man. All I can say is thank God there's a few people like you still around. Thanks Again." F.O.


    From a husband: "This is money well spent for my wife! She is thrilled that she had nothing to worry about. Thank you for a job well done!" R.G.