T-Scan (Tekscan) Computerized Bite Analysis in Salt Lake City, UT

T-Scan (Tekscan) Computerized Bite Analysis in Salt Lake City, UT

The T-SCAN is a diagnostic machine used to examine and diagnose the concerns of your bite accurately. It helps to efficiently adjust your bite and prevent further problems of the facial muscles and jaw joints. At Brighton Dental in Salt Lake City, Utah, we evaluate your entire occlusal system and obtain a complete picture of the underlying reasons for your bite disorder.

What Is a Tekscan?

A Tekscan is a cutting-edge diagnostic tool that provides us with the ability to see how your upper and lower teeth are interlocking with each other. It measures how much force every tooth exerts as it bites onto the opposing tooth and determines if your teeth interconnect harmoniously. With this information, Dr. Kerry Carroll can better protect crowns, bridges, and veneers from high forces, ensure dental implants are biting correctly, enhance dentures' chewing ability, and cure your headaches and migraines caused by an unbalanced bite.

How Does T- Scan Work? 

The T-Scan has a very thin, specially shaped sensor that, when bit down on, measures the bite’s force, timing, and location. The sensor is connected to a computer that analyses and displays the information in full-color 3D images. These images help Dr. Kerry Carroll see any potential problems with your bite. The T-Scan system even converts information about your bite, such as the force and timing of your bite in specific locations, into graphs for our convenience.

What Are the Benefits of T-Scan?

Besides measuring accurate occlusion parameters, T-Scan has numerous other benefits like:

  • It broadens treatment options and capabilities with more precise and correct results.
  • It is a significant informative tool as it provides visual representations for patients to learn and conceptualize their occlusions.
  • T-Scan can lessen costs and time by reducing dental visits.

How Can T-Scan Be Used?

  • Dental Implants

Dental implants can be impacted by full bite force. The T-Scan can measure the timing and related forces and helps us to determine the pressures placed on implants and make the necessary adjustments to avoid damage. 

  • Cosmetic Dentistry

T-Scan's bite force data can better show the needed dental adjustments and the high forces that can compromise the natural teeth. 

  • Denture Fitting

When fitting for dentures, it is essential to analyze a patient's biting force to get the right fit. T-Scan can be used to evaluate bite force to provide effective results.

  • Dental Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and bridges can be tricky to insert; therefore, they need precision and skill to ensure a functional and comfortable bite. T-Scan helps us to evaluate occlusion forces by providing bite force data when undergoing restoration procedures. 

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