Rotary Endodontics in Salt Lake City, UT

Rotary Endodontics in Salt Lake City, UT

Most of the time, when you undergo a root canal treatment, you will probably not be aware of the kind of tools that were used during the procedure. As long as the technique works, you might not think the tools even matter much. However, if your root canal was performed through conventional methods, it may have been a bit discomforting and stressful.

Here at Brighton Dental in Salt Lake City, Utah, we offer a smoother, more comfortable experience when conducting a root canal procedure. We use rotary endodontic technology to help with the treatment of a root canal. 

What Is Rotary Endodontics?

Endodontics refers to root canal procedures in which damaged and dead dental tissue, nerves, and blood vessels are removed from a decaying or impaired tooth. Rotary endodontics is a modern technique of performing root canal therapy. 

Rotary endodontics uses electric-powered instruments instead of conventional manual files and stainless-steel devices to treat the root canals. The hand device we use is equipped with a tip made of nickel-titanium. This material is much more flexible than stainless steel.

The electric handpieces make the root canal procedure much faster and more effective than was earlier possible. Electrical rotation allows for an improved ability to clean the debris from the canals of your teeth that manual filing cannot provide. The accuracy of the rotary electric handpieces in removing the infected tissue helps retain more of the tooth’s internal structure while exceptionally cleaning and shaping the treatment area. The speed at which the electrical handpiece can rotate is much faster than conventional hand instruments, which allows for procedures to be completed in a fraction of the time it would have taken previously. 

What Are the Benefits of Rotary Endodontics?

This latest technological innovation works more precisely and reliably while being faster and quieter than conventional procedures.

  • Precision 

The nickel-titanium handpiece is capable of cleaning the root canal more efficiently and smoothly.

  • Reliability

Root canal procedures are more reliable and have less chance of complications.

  • Quieter

The tool is much smoother and softer. This allows the convenience of having the procedure conducted without the loud grinding experienced with manual files.

  • Faster

The quick treatment time, combined with quieter instruments, creates a more comfortable experience for patients.

If you feel that you might need a root canal, we encourage you to contact our office Brighton Dental in Salt Lake City, Utah, at (801) 943-2020 to schedule an appointment. Our experienced dentist Dr. Carroll will give you the healthy smile that you deserve.


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