Root Canal Therapy in Salt Lake City, UT

Root Canal Therapy in Salt Lake City, UT

Our oral health plays a vital role when it comes to our overall health. Several oral diseases and conditions can disturb your oral health. A root canal infection is one such condition that can affect our dental health. It can cause severe symptoms that may result in the tooth getting extracted if not treated on time. Hence, root canal therapy is done as the last resort cure to treat a severely infected tooth.

At Brighton Dental in Salt Lake City, Utah, we strive to repair and salvage an infected or impaired tooth as an alternative to removing it. Our goal is to preserve your best smile while ensuring the function is never compromised. Techniques for root canals have advanced and made it a quicker, easier, and often pain-free procedure.

What Is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a central chamber that is present in a tooth. Inside is the dental pulp composed of the vital nerves and blood vessels responsible for the tooth's sensitivity and nourishment. It can sometimes get infected and cause tooth sensitivity and pain. Some of the reasons for a root canal infection are as follows:

Cavities are the leading cause of a root canal infection. At times, the cavity could become so deep that it reaches the root canal cavity and causes an infection.

Gum diseases can cause a root canal infection. As a result, the gum line could recede and allow the bacteria to enter the root canal through the roots.

How Can You Tell That the Root Canal is Infected?

  • The affected tooth will be susceptible to hot and cold foods.
  • The infected tooth usually looks duller in comparison to the adjoining teeth.
  • Bleeding and oozing of pus near the infected tooth.
  • The condition is excruciating, causing difficulty in brushing your teeth or chewing food.
  • In due course, the infected tooth may loosen from its socket in the jawbone.

How Can a Root Canal Infection Be Treated?

The best technique to treat a root canal infection is by extracting the infected pulp from the tooth. After administering local anesthesia, Dr. Carroll will make a tiny hole in the tooth to reach the decayed pulp within the tooth. Small dental files will be introduced into the hole, and the decayed pulp will be removed. The cavity walls will then be scrubbed clean to remove the bacteria. A jet of water is then used to wash the debris away. The tooth will be reinstated using a dental crown after the procedure.

Leaving a damaged tooth untreated can result in severe complications and tooth loss. Visit us at Brighton Dental in Salt Lake City, Utah, or call at (801) 943-2020 to schedule an appointment.


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