General Dentistry in Salt Lake City, UT

General Dentistry in Salt Lake City, UT

The focus of general dentistry is to take care of your smile and prevent decay or disease. General dentistry places significant emphasis on oral hygiene to avoid oral health issues. At Brighton Dental in Salt Lake City, Utah, Dr. Carroll provides quality general dentistry services for people of all ages. 

As general dentists, we specifically treat cavities, perform root canals, and carry out regular dental procedures. Not only does general dentistry specialize in preventing oral health problems, but it also includes restorative procedures to treat tooth cavities, cracked teeth, tooth pain, etc.  

Here are the aspects of general dentistry:


Dr. Carroll will assess your teeth, gums, and other soft tissues around your mouth during your regular checkups. We will specifically search for any bacteria accumulation and plaque. After a complete examination and diagnostic tests, we will also offer you some valuable instructions to help maintain your oral hygiene regime at home.


General dentistry helps identify and treat oral diseases, cancers, and other dental complications. Regular teeth cleanings can help prevent discolorations and stains from affecting your teeth's aesthetics. Fluoride and sealant treatments will help keep the tooth decay away and also strengthen the teeth.


In case we are unable to reverse the infection, general dentistry also includes treatments for restoring the appearance and performance of a tooth. Procedures such as dental fillings, crowns, dental implants, root canals, and dentures assist in giving back the functioning of the teeth. Dental fillings are also used to help repair teeth when they have suffered excessive decline or have incurred a crack or breakage. Once treated, your tooth can function normally again.

Cavity Detection

Dr. Carroll provides cutting-edge procedures due to the developments in dental technology. With the assistance of modern dentistry tools, we can detect cavities or other infections in their initial stages and accordingly provide treatment. Severe conditions such as periodontal diseases and cavities can often be reversed altogether.

Better Overall Health

It is a fact that when your dental health is affected, your body becomes more susceptible to other health complications since your immune system is already compromised. Dental conditions such as gum disease can increase your risks for heart disease and other heart complications like strokes.

Dr. Carroll can help provide solutions that will improve your oral health while transforming your smile. Call us today at (801) 943-2020 to schedule your dental consultation and know more about our general dentistry services.


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