Electric Handpieces in Salt Lake City, UT

Electric Handpieces in Salt Lake City, UT

Electric handpieces are one of the most advanced dental handpieces available now. As the name suggests, these handpieces are powered by electricity. The traditional air-driven handpieces produce a loud, high-pitched sound you may associate with treatments like fillings and dental offices. At Brighton Dental in Salt Lake City, Utah, we use the latest electric handpieces, which are noiseless and allow you to have a more stress-free visit to our office.

What Is an Electric Handpiece?

Electric handpieces are used to remove decay from the teeth. They are gentler to use on the teeth, which allows us to provide a more precise treatment with fewer traumas to the tooth. As a result, you will experience minimal discomfort during the healing process. 

As the electric handpieces are more accurate, Dr. Carroll can preserve as much of the natural tooth structure as possible while still entirely removing any decayed or damaged portions. 

Electric handpieces produce less vibration than air-driven handpieces, allowing you to feel much more comfortable during your treatment. Besides, the electric handpieces give Dr. Carroll more control in movement and allow him to complete your treatment more efficiently, so you will spend less time at our office and more time enjoying your smile.

What Are the Benefits of an Electric Handpiece?

  • Consistent Speed and Rotation Rate

The primary advantage of electric handpieces is that they can maintain their speed and rotation rate while in use. As a result, speed variations and unexpected glitches are reduced when using the device on solid materials or cutting through dental crowns. The speed and rotation of the electric handpieces are not affected by the excessive load, as is the case with air-driven dental handpieces.

  • Smooth, Even, Precise Margins

Air-driven dental handpieces often vibrate and shake, causing several irregular cuts in the preparation margin. Electric dental handpieces enable the dentist to maintain a concentric motion throughout the procedure. This helps to make sure that the margin is smooth, even, and as precise as possible.

  • Reduced Noise Levels

The electric handpiece gives out a significantly lower level of noise than the air-driven dental handpiece. Raised noise levels will not only be detrimental to your hearing as time progresses, but it can increase your anxiety and discomfort levels.

  • Operating Speed Control

As the load does not burden the electric dental handpieces, we can better control the motor speed. This is highly useful when carrying out certain types of procedures. Many of today’s models have a digital-based display that allows us to see and maintain the speed of operation.

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