Dentures and Partials in Salt Lake City, UT

Dentures and Partials in Salt Lake City, UT

Missing teeth does not mean the end of the world for a person. At Brighton Dental in Salt Lake City, Utah, we can assist you with the fitting of dentures. We arrange both partial and complete dentures to help patients replace a few missing teeth or need restoration of an entire arch. Superior-quality dental restorations are used at our office that will help you chew, talk, and smile again with ease.

What are Partials and Dentures?

Complete and partial dentures are a great solution to restore and even enhance your smile and the overall functionality of your mouth. Complete dentures provide an excellent alternative for patients with all of the teeth missing either on the upper or lower arch of the oral cavity.

Partial dentures are an apt solution for patients who have most of their natural teeth but are missing enough to require a prosthetic appliance. Both partial and complete dentures can last for years before they need to be replaced.

Why Dentures and Partials Would Be Needed?

Complete dentures may be needed if you miss all of your teeth on one arch or have progressive gum disease. Partial dentures are right for those people who still have many healthy tooth structures in their mouths but need replacements for a few missing ones. The prosthetic appliances can help improve your smile, maintain your facial contour, and chew and eat your food more efficiently.

Who Would Need Dentures and Partials?

We will conduct a routine exam to determine if a full or partial denture will be required for your situation. Most patients who need a denture can safely undergo the procedure. If you have decayed or damaged teeth in your mouth, we may advise removing them before being fitted for a denture device. Complete dentures are ideal for patients who want quick and removable replacements to reinstate their smiles.

What Happens During the Partials and Denture Procedure?

You may first need to undertake several tooth extractions of decayed and impaired teeth before a permanent denture is made for you. Once healed, we will take impressions of your gums and teeth and send them to a lab for their fabrication. 

In the case of partials, the impressions of the section which needs the restoration will be taken. Your next dental visit will involve the fitting of the appliance and making minor adjustments as necessary. If required, a few adjustments will be carried out before the fit is perfect and your new prosthesis feels completely comfortable.

If you think you might need a complete denture or a partial, contact us today at Brighton Dental in Salt Lake City, Utah, at (801) 943-2020, and we will be happy to help you.


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