Dental Bridges in Salt Lake City, UT

Dental Bridges in Salt Lake City, UT

Losing a natural tooth can cause many problems, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Patients with a missing tooth usually feel conscious of their appearance and may avoid smiling altogether. 

At Brighton Dental in Salt Lake City, Utah, we recommend our patients get their missing teeth restored with a dental bridge. It is one of the most straightforward treatments to replace an extracted tooth and requires no more than two visits to the dental office.

What Is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a prosthetic tooth fabricated from dental-grade material. It consists of a prosthetic tooth that is supported on either side by a ceramic crown. This tooth takes the place of the missing one, and the crowns on either side are bonded to the neighboring teeth. This enables the bridge to stay stable without slipping off its position when you bite or chew food.

What Are Some Benefits of a Dental Bridge?

  • A bridge is fabricated from dental-grade ceramic material and hence, offers excellent durability.
  • The material used for the bridge can be customized to imitate the exact appearance of the neighboring teeth. Its color, texture, and contour can be designed as required.
  • Placing a dental bridge is a simple process that does not involve any surgery.
  • A dental bridge will allow you to bite and chew food efficiently and speak your phonetics more clearly.

What Is the Procedure for a Dental Bridge?

Patients who wish to get a dental bridge should have optimum oral health, robust and healthy adjoining teeth, adequate spacing available for the placement of the artificial tooth, etc. Based on these factors, Dr. Carroll will create the treatment plan.

During the initial consultation, we will clean the teeth thoroughly. The teeth adjacent to the missing tooth will have to be prepared for the crowns. A layer of tooth enamel will be gently ground off. An accurate digital mold of the teeth will be captured and sent to the dental laboratory to be used in fabricating the bridge.

During the next visit, we will place the bridge and check for its fit. Any changes, if needed, will be made before permanently bonding it in place. An etching gel will be smeared to the teeth to roughen them. Dental cement will be applied to the teeth, and the bridge will be placed in position. A unique light is used to cement the bond, after which we will conduct a bite test. If any changes are necessary, we will fix that and make sure you have the perfect bite.

To get started on your dental bridges, call Brighton Dental in Salt Lake City, Utah, at (801) 943-2020 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Carroll.


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