Primary Teeth: Tooth Traditions Around the World

Primary Teeth: Tooth Traditions Around the World

Posted by Brighton dentistry on Aug 28 2015, 08:53 AM

Several countries consider it auspicious when their child loses their primary teeth. To reduce their fear regarding removing the teeth, the parent attaches the process to stories that help ease them. 

An array of traditions are attached to primary teeth in different parts of the world. While some people believe in the tooth fairy, others consider it a fiction that can help children get along with their tooth loss. In the US, the children are made to believe that the tooth fairy leaves money under the pillow after their tooth loss. The traditions in some of these other countries have been listed below. 


Parents associate the tooth fairy with a mouse in Argentina. It is referred to as Raton Perez. When the teeth fall off, children place them in a large glass of water. The glass is placed on the nightstand while sleeping. Raton Perez arrives at night to take the tooth. And then, he leaves gifts for the child in the glass.  


The people of France refer to the tooth fairy as La Bonne Petite Souris, which is a kind mouse. The child places the tooth that has fallen off under their pillow. In the night, Petite Souris arrives to replace the tooth with candy or money for the child.


In Turkey, people have a tooth tradition over having a tooth fairy. On losing the tooth, the parent buries it in a special place. They pray that the child has a bright future and that all their dreams for the child come true. Some parents pick specific areas to bury the tooth to match their dream for the child. For example, if they dream of them being a soccer player, they would bury it in the soccer field. 

El Salvador

The tooth fairy is believed to be a small rabbit in El Salvador. The rabbit arrives at night to take the tooth placed under the pillow. It then leaves money as a gift for the child. 

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