Losing Your First Tooth

Losing Your First Tooth

Posted by Brighton dentistry on Jun 27 2014, 09:10 AM

Losing your first tooth was a big milestone. This made children excited to become more grown-up, or made them anxious that they are losing their teeth forever. Therefore, it is vital to communicate with your child throughout this time to ensure they understand what is going on and to alleviate any anxieties or concerns they may have. Brighton Dental in Salt Lake City, UT, can provide you with the best treatment plan for your child’s individual dental needs.

When Do Children Start Getting Teeth?

Baby teeth can appear as early as 6 months of age, but each child is different. Children have a total of 20 baby teeth.

How Old Should My Child Be When I Begin Brushing Their Teeth?

Brushing your child's teeth should start as soon as their first tooth erupts. Twice a day, use a small, soft toothbrush or a towel. Begin with a glass of water or fluoride-free toothpaste. Around the age of three, you can begin using fluoride toothpaste. 

The First Visit to the Dentist's Office

Teeth begin to appear at six months of age and continue to grow throughout the next few years. We recommend that you see our pediatric dentist within six months of the first baby tooth appearing. This will enable us to track your child's oral development and establish the groundwork for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

When Do Kids Start Losing Their Baby Teeth?

Around the age of five or six, children typically lose their first tooth. Their front teeth are generally the first to fall out. Again, each child is unique, and some will lose their first tooth as early as age 4 and others as late as age 7.

Maintaining Healthy Smiles

Children who lose teeth early due to decay might experience issues with the permanent teeth that are forming behind the scenes. An adult tooth can shift out of place, resulting in crooked teeth and crowding. Making sure your youngster brushes and flosses regularly is the best way to keep those little chompers healthy. 

Also, remember to schedule dental checkups and cleanings at Brighton Dental in Salt Lake City, UT twice a year. We can monitor your child's oral health and growth and will advise you on any preventive or restorative procedures that are required to guarantee long-term healthy smiles.

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